Ian Wright admits fears for Arsenal under Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger is under real pressure this summer

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Arsenal legend Ian Wright has questioned Arsene Wenger’s ability to lead the Gunners through the current transfer turmoil that is threatening the club.

Wright, who tasted glory at Arsenal under Wenger, feels the Frenchman is the best manager for the club but does not believe he has the killer instinct needed in the modern transfer market.

The Gunners have lost Gael Clichy and are in danger of seeing Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas following him out of the Emirates. Such a scenario would leave Arsenal on the back foot ahead of the new Premier League season and Wright does not believe Wenger will make the right decisions with regard to new recruits.

“With Cesc Fabregas looking a goner to Barcelona too, it’s very, very sad to see,” Wright wrote in his column in The Sun. “How on earth will Arsene Wenger attract any top players to Arsenal?

“It’s come to something when a player like Clichy feels Arsenal is not good enough for him anymore.

“I’d love to see Wenger being given the same sort of transfer pot that the likes of Jose Mourinho had at Chelsea, or Andre Villas-Boas will get. The same backing Alex Ferguson enjoys at Manchester United.

“I’d be so curious to see where he goes and what he does with it. But I have my suspicions that he would still dither about, take too long to make up his mind and then plump for someone in France or Spain hardly any of us have ever heard of.

“Fabregas has clearly recognised the fact that Arsenal will not be competing with their rivals in the transfer market. That’s been going on for some time but the whole transfer thing is like a house of cards. Once one big name wants out, the rest see it and it all comes tumbling down.”

Wright feels Wenger should go on the offensive and make bids for players from his big rivals.

“What I’d like to see are some bullish signings,” he said. “Go out and chase the likes of Michael Essien. Get him back on top form and he’s a fabulous player, plus you’d be getting a player from Chelsea, one of Arsenal’s supposed rivals from the Premier League and just across the River Thames.

“Then go for keeper Joe Hart and Vincent Kompany and get your own back on Manchester City. Make the rest of English football sit up and take notice for once – not just Arsenal fans who can see the lights going out on their club.”


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